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Call for impact case studies

We are really excited to be leading the effort to create an open-access repository of TNE impact case studies.

The Value of Transnational Education Partnerships" is research commissioned by the British Council to fill the knowledge gap by evidencing the benefits of TNE partnerships, beyond the economic value, including, but not limited to, widening access to high quality higher education and capability building of host country institutions and systems. The research will seek to capture evidence through the entire range of UK TNE partnerships, balancing between high volume (e.g., franchising, validation, online provision) and niche (e.g., joint PhDs and masters’ programmes) forms.

Alongside a range of personal interviews with key stakeholders, the research seeks to draw upon evidence from institutional case studies to identify the full range of impact of TNE partnerships.

Impact TNE: an open access repository of TNE impact case studies

Beyond the "The Value of Transnational Education Partnerships" research; The British Council, Education Insight and the TNE Hub aspire to create an open access repository of case studies that capture and showcase the invaluable impact of transnational education partnerships. This open access repository, called "Impact TNE", will serve as a useful resource for researchers, policy makers, prospective students, and other stakeholders who would like to understand the global and local impact of UK universities.

More information here:

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