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4th TNE Hub Research and practice symposium

Advancing Horizons: Transnational Education Partnerships in a Pluralizing World. TNE’s role in Empowering Graduates, Fostering Impact, and Promoting Equity

The landscape of international higher education is undergoing a profound transformation, with shifts in global power dynamics reshaping the traditional centre-periphery model. As countries like China and India rise in prominence, the once-prevailing global hierarchy is breaking down, giving way to greater diversity and pluralization within global higher education (Marginson, 2023)1.  


The 4th TNE Hub symposium seeks to explore the transformative potential of Transnational Education (TNE) in a world marked by evolving power structures and rapid economic change, and a shift towards equitable forms of cross-border collaboration. As academic mobility and research collaboration face new challenges, and technologies like AI pose opportunities and risks, this event stands as a critical platform to consider the emerging complexities as well as innovation opportunities of global higher education. Through a set of thought-provoking discussions, this event explores the multifaceted role of TNE partnerships in empowering graduates, enhancing employability, and positively impacting local communities. The symposium also emphasizes the significance of equitable collaborations, inclusivity, and global understanding in the pursuit of a more just and diverse higher education landscape. 

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