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Global Perspectives on TNE and Internationalisation of Higher Education

Join us for an enlightening research event on TNE and HE Internationalisation. Findings from Cyprus, Malaysia, China, and more.

Organised by TNE Hub, the network of researchers and practitioners in transnational education, the event is titled: 'Global Perspectives on TNE and Internationalisation of Higher Education from Research'.

Why should you attend? We'll be discussing the latest research findings related to TNE and the Internationalisation of Higher Education, with data coming from Sri Lanka, the UK, Georgia, the Southern African Region, Peru, Malaysia, and China, among others. You’ll get to hear firsthand from the researchers, ask questions, exchange ideas, and broaden your horizons.

Know someone who might be interested? We'd be grateful if you could share this with colleagues, friends, or anyone you think might want to delve deeper into higher education research. This event is not just a presentation—it's a conversation, and the more voices we have, the richer that conversation will be.

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