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Bridging the gap: Research and practice in transnational education

Research Symposium

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Context and aims

Themes for the symposium

This free one-day symposium hosted by Nottingham Trent University, and presented in conjunction with HEGlobal, will bring together researchers and practitioners specialising in transnational education (TNE).


The immediate purpose of the event will be to facilitate the presentation of research findings and good practices in TNE management. A book entitled TNE 2.0: Improving practice through research will be based on presentations given at the symposium and will be published in late 2016.

Over the past 20 years, there has been substantial growth in the TNE activities of higher education institutions in the UK and globally. Despite the growing importance of TNE, there is no established UK-based community for the systematic dissemination of research findings and exchange of best practice in TNE management.


The broader aim of the symposium is to initiate a community of research and management practice for TNE in the UK. The creation of such a community will generate synergies for the individuals and organisations involved. Some anticipate benefits are: 1) dissemination of research findings; 2) sharing of good or poor practice; 3) development of collaborative research projects; and 4) facilitation of multi-country research bids.

  1. Strategic development of TNE

  2. Models of delivery

  3. Enhancing the student experience

  4. Quality management and assurance

  5. Staff engagement and development

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