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“Transnational Education: Innovations in Practice”

2nd TNE-Hub Symposium

Session 1 – Towards partnership models of TNE

           Celia Partridge, Assistant Director, Partnerships and Mobility, Universities UK International


           Dr Janet Ilieva, Education Insight and Dr Vicky Lewis, Vicky Lewis Consulting


           Jon Pike, Director of Internationalisation, Westminster Business School, University of Westminster


Session 2 – Online TNE: Expectations, innovations, constraints

  • ‘Build it and they will come. Or will they? Perceptions of online delivery in various markets’

          Juliet London, EduWorld, Beijing and Scott Anderberg, Vice-President, University Partnerships, Pearson, London


           Dr Kevin Dunseath, Regional Director for MENA and Director of Dubai Centre, City, University of London

Session 3 – Skills and employability for nations and individuals: The role of TNE

           Dr Law Kam Chu Gemma, HKU SPACE International College, Hong Kong and Margaret Struthers, Programme Lead, Integrated Health             and Social Care, Manchester Metropolitan University


           Dr Alan France, 1st Deputy Rector (Academic) and Alisher Khasanov, Deputy Rector, Westminster International University in Tashkent


Session 4 – Keynote


           Dr Warren Fox, Chief of Higher Education, Knowledge and Human Development Authority, Dubai


Session 5 – Pedagogy and short courses: TNE case studies

           Dr Vivek Indramohan, Programme Director and Professor Louise Toner, Associate Dean, Faculty of Health, Education and Life                           Sciences, Birmingham City University


           Dr Sarah Williamson & Dr Alexander Heinz, Summer Programmes, King’s College London


Session 6 – Student experience and national coordination in TNE


           Dr Fabrizio Trifiro’, International Manager, QAA


           Martin McCarthy, International Partnerships Manager, International Study and Language Institute, University of Reading

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